Brunette Gabs :3

Baby, you’re so beautiful. <3


Eu e minha amiga, camarada Patience Hodgson (the Grates - Australia), depois de algumas brejas:)

So, I morphed Dagoscar and look what I’ve got

I mean, omg, being bored during Inter’s match had a good result

If I were some kind of photographer I would definitely regroup WC 2010 Brazil NT and then make them take a group pic with the “new” Brazil NT and then everybody is going to die because of feelings.

Because in my mind, that’s what happened when Delta had to choose between Glenn and Matty.

#look at this photo #d’ale was probably like: /stop it guise. you’re sinking your own ships with dago and datolo/ #and oscar going like: /but the coloradas are multi-shippers and we all know bolatti and I are fucking pretty/ #and bolatti is just quiet because oscar always goes on top so he must obey and attentionally listens to his man

hay guise, can anyone tell me if there’s another website where I can download the voice au episodes?

no really

waiting like two days to see hayes and washo will kill me

or not


probably not

or maybe I’ll die

without knowing it

omg megan marry me before I die

which could be now

ok not now

I’m still alive